The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

We’re excited to announce a new feature I know our readers will appreciate. Starting with the September issue, ASI magazine will be published in both print and digital editions. The digital edition will be published on ASI’s Web site for easy reading and downloading. In addition, we will be making a version available for the KindleTM reading device.

Each digital edition will have the same look as the print issue, but will offer many more features.
  • Automatic notification by e-mail when a new issue is available.
  • User-friendly navigation - simply point and click.
  • Page through articles online instantly - no downloading required.
  • Clickable hotlinks for direct access to online content and advertisers' Web sites.
  • Search text and find the pages containing a specific word or phrase.
ASI direct request subscribers with e-mail addresses on file who have not opted out will automatically receive notice that the digital edition is available for viewing on the ASI Web site. All others will continue to receive the print edition. Our Audience Development department will be sending out an e-mail shortly with more information.

If you’d like to switch your subscription preference from print to digital now, visit

Also This Month

You may have noticed that this issue is a combination July/August edition.

While we may have consolidated two months' issues, we haven't skimped on editorial. Our feature article lineup starts on p. 20 with an article addressing how to specify equipment for packaging and dispensing of specialty chemicals. Check out the entire issue's editorial offerings on p. 5.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail at