The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

How do you define “green”?  More than just a color created by combining yellow and blue, green continues to be a hot topic in the industry, and rightly so. This month we’ve taken green to a new level by making the entire issue, inside and out, green. The inside pages have been printed on forest-certified paper to show our commitment to the environment. In addition, our editorial lineup features exclusive reports and extended coverage of this important industry-wide effort, including green standards and certifications, sustainability, and more.

The green coverage begins with an article from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The article explains how green building is a key part of America’s economic future, promising jobs, energy savings and economic benefits.

In “Sustainability: A Factor of Success,” we look at Henkel’s sustainability strategy and how other companies might learn from it. To Henkel, sustainability means meeting people’s needs through both its brands and technologies and as an employer, without compromising the development opportunities of future generations. Therefore, all of the company’s new products contribute to sustainable development in at least one focal area: energy and climate; water and wastewater; materials and waste; health and safety; and social progress. This strategy is proving to be an innovation driver and is a large part of the company’s innovation processes.

Sustainability applies not only to adhesive or sealant formulations, but to how they are packaged as well. “Advances in Adhesive Dispensing Technology Move Packaging to Greater Sustainability” explores the importance of green packaging - on both the environment and companies’ bottom lines.

Finally, our Green Materials Profiles section is a premiere reference tool for formulators looking for green materials. Read more about leading companies’ green offerings for adhesive and sealant formulations in “Green Materials Profiles.”

We designed this issue to be a year-round resource for all things green. However, green is an ongoing mission for both companies and individuals. Therefore, along with continuing coverage on our Web site and print issues, we will once again provide in-depth coverage of green in our Global Adhesives and Sealants Directory and October/November issue. Let us know what your company is doing to go green and we may feature it in a future issue - send an e-mail