This issue marks our annual look at green technologies. The U.S. Green Building Council reports that the sustainable building movement continues to grow in popularity, both in the design and construction fields, as increased coverage in mainstream media seems to have clients asking more about going green. As of January 2006, the annual market for green building in products and services was $7 billion, a 37% growth over 2004, according to USGBC.

Our coverage of green technologies for adhesives and sealants begins with an article on how Columbia Forest Products, Oregon State University, and Hercules Inc. stick together to create a low-cost, formaldehyde-free wood adhesive.

In "Pine Chemicals Forum," Managing Editor Brian Hayes talks with two players in the pine chemicals business to determine not only where the industry is right now, but where it's headed.

"Natural Remedy" explains how bacterium that lives in rivers, streams and human aqueducts uses nature's strongest glue to stay in one place, according to new research by Indiana University Bloomington and Brown University scientists.

We're proud to feature "Meeting Environmental Demands with Pressure-Sensitive Tapes," a technical note from the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council written by Dr. Timothy B. Jensen, 3M Masking and Packaging Systems.

In addition to our green focus, this issue also incorporates ourASI EndUsersection. This month's section is geared toward electronics/electrical applications and features editorial on lead-free manufacturing and high-temperature adhesives applications.

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