The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

Green continues to be a important trend in our industry, which is why we’ve once again dedicated an issue to this topic. This month’s editorial lineup features exclusive reports and extended coverage of what has become a global effort, including green efficiency standards, environmentally friendly adhesives and sealants, and a showcase of what top companies are doing to “go green.”

The green coverage begins with an article from Gurit (“Turbine Blade Bonding”) that examines the key role adhesives play in turbine blade bonding.

BASF is the first to have eco-efficiency analysis methodology validated by independent, third-party NSF International. Learn more about the standard in “BASF Uses New Eco-Efficiency Protocol.”

Innovation-based startup company Lumina Adhesives has developed an exciting new technology platform of switchable pressure-sensitive adhesives. The adhesives adhere strongly to the application surface but can - within a few seconds of exposure to visible light - be easily removed without leaving any residuals. See “Strong Adhesion to Fragile Surfaces - Debonding on Demand” for details.

The Green Honor Roll shines the spotlight on several companies’ green initiatives. Find out what they’re doing to go green in “Green Honor Roll.”

Finally, our Green Product Profiles section offers a reference tool for end users looking for green adhesives and sealants. Read more about leading companies’ green offerings for various applications in “Green Product Profiles.”

We designed this issue to be a year-round resource for all things green. However, green is an ongoing mission for both companies and individuals. Therefore, along with continuing coverage on our Web site ( and print issues, we will once again provide in-depth coverage of green in ourGlobal Adhesives and Sealants Directoryand February 2010 issue. Let us know what your company is doing to go green and we may feature it in a future issue - send an e-mail