Container Management Systems (CMS) and Innovative Container announced that they have merged and will now operate together as VariconTM. The new company will provide the industrial container industry with a variety of cost-effective and environmentally friendly product solutions.

The merger positions Varicon as the leading reconditioner and manufacturer of industrial containers in the U.S. Varicon offers both new and reconditioned intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), as well as new and reconditioned all-plastic drums. In addition, Varicon provides the DuraCycle IBC, a virgin-lined container that has the quality of a new bottle without the new-bottle cost.

All of these containers are primarily used to ship bulk materials, such as chemicals, powders, and other liquids, within the agriculture, chemicals, paint and coatings, and pharmaceutical industries. Varicon also offers a variety of container management services, including serial tracking, asset reconditioning and complementary retrieval.

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