Pecora’s “Security Sealant Systems” handbook serves as a reference manual that explains how a systems approach to security sealants allows the applicator to achieve the necessary hardness strength to significantly reduce the risk of tampering combined with the joint movement levels a building requires.

In the majority of building projects, sealants are used solely to protect the building. However, when the building is a daycare, hospital, or prison, there is much more at stake. It is important that a sealant cannot be pulled from a joint and eaten by a small child, used by psychiatric patients to hurt themselves, or removed to expose a joint for an inmate to hide a weapon or contraband. Security sealants contain the properties needed to protect those inside.

Often described as “tamper resistant” or “tamper proof,” Pecora’s security sealants have been specifically engineered and offer enhanced hardness properties that distinguish themselves from typical construction sealants.

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