Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, MA, has announced the availability of a new series of free online training videos. These videos are available to registered customers atwww.brookfieldengineering.comunder “Support/Video Clips.” The videos are available 24/7 so customers can view them when they have a question or as their schedule allows.

The videos were created by the same training professionals who provide Brookfield’s “Practical Course” classes. The eight video clips demonstrate the basic operations required to set up and run a standard Brookfield viscometer.

The one- to two-minute videos include:
  1. Unpacking the Instrument and Parts Identification
  2. Assembly of the Instrument
  3. Instrument Control Features
  4. Principle of Operation for Making Viscosity Measurement
  5. Choosing a Spindle and Speed
  6. Taking a Viscosity Reading
  7. Unstable Readings and Out-of-Range Errors
  8. Shutting Down the Instrument and Cleaning
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