Brookfield Engineering has announced the availability of a new series of free online training videos detailing how to verify calibration of viscometers and rheometers. Registered customers can access the videos under “Support/Video Clips” whenever they have a question about calibration check procedure. 

These videos demonstrate Brookfield’s recommended method for performing a comprehensive calibration check on viscometers and rheometers in different configurations: standard disc spindles with a 600 mL beaker; coaxial cylinder geometries such as the Small Sample Adapter; Wells/Brookfield Cone & Plate instruments; and R/S-CPS Cone Plate Rheometers. The videos discuss topics including instrument set-up, temperature control of sample, calibration tolerances and pass/fail criteria. Links to downloadable calibration check spreadsheets on Brookfield’s Web site are provided to assist the user with a convenient pass/fail decision on each instrument.

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