Hardman®WS 8020 RC is a rapid-cure manganese dioxide-cured polysulfide aircraft sealant qualified to Class B of the AMS 8802 sealant specifications. WS 8020 RC Class B-2 has a work life of two hours, but cures to 30 shore A in just 12 hours - a reduction of 12 hours over standard AMS 8802-qualified sealants that have a cure rate of 24 hours.

AMS 8802-qualified aircraft sealants are used on virtually all U.S. manufactured military aircraft. In addition to its rapid cure, WS 8020 RC features outstanding resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuel, as well as resistance to chemicals and petroleum products common to the aircraft industry. It also offers excellent flexibility and bond strength to most metal substrates like aluminum, stainless steel, steel, advanced composites and many coatings under extremes of temperature, weathering, and stress.

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