Royal Adhesives and Sealants LLC has announced that its WS 8031 lightweight, manganese dioxide-cured polysulfide aircraft sealant is the first sealant to be fully qualified to SAE International's aerospace material AMS3281D type 3 Class B aircraft fuel tank sealant specification.

WS 8031 aircraft sealant is manufactured at Royal Adhesives and Sealants Wilmington, CA, facility, which is certified to the AS 9100, ISO 9001/2000 and AS7200/1 NADCAP quality systems requirements.

"The weight savings we have achieved with WS 8031 are significant and will allow aircraft designers to meet important weight reduction targets without sacrificing sealant performance,” said Royal CEO Ted Clark. “As an example, a fighter jet that uses between 25 to 30 gallons of sealant for fuel tank and pressure sealing in production would achieve a weight savings of between 100 to 150lbs."

AMS3281D-qualified aircraft sealants are used on the most advanced military aircraft. In addition to saving weight, these sealants provide outstanding resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuel, as well as other chemicals and petroleum products commonly found in the aircraft industry.

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