CPC of America Inc. announced today the filing of its first patent of a synthetic sealant for specific application to the MedCloseTMVCS. CPC is focused on the development and testing of the MedClose VCS, which is an internal puncture-closing system for use in percutaneous intravascular diagnostic and interventional procedures. In addition, CPC is focused on the development of its own synthetic sealant product line for various clinical applications not limited to vascular closures devices.

In December 2008, CPC announced the addition of Olex Hnojewyj, Ph D. to its team of medical and research advisors, and in March 2009 the company announced a product development agreement with Dr. Hnojewyj. Today, CPC announces the filing of the first of several intellectual properties for formulations of synthetic sealant to be used in the MedClose VCS vascular closure product line, initially with 6-9Fr applications.

The MedClose VCS device consists of two parts: (1) A delivery system that delivers the sealant to the puncture site; and (2) the synthetic sealant itself. While CPC will continue to refine the MedClose VCS device commercially, the company is comfortable with its effectiveness as well as its proprietary and competitive advantages.