Graco recently introduced a line of small ram bulk supply systems designed to transfer sealants and adhesives from 20-, 30- and 60-liter (5-, 7- and 16-gallon) containers. Similar to the larger Graco Supply Systems, the new smaller Graco rams provide many of the same technologies and features that minimize maintenance and streamline everyday operations.

Graco’s lineup of small rams features the NXT Air Motor, built for durability and long-life. All small rams are available with Graco Check-Mate®pumps, which feature a quick-disconnect coupler for easy maintenance, cartridge throat packings for easy servicing, and optional MaxLife®coatings on rods and cylinders to triple-pump-life over the standard offering.

The Graco platens on the small rams are designed with a modular approach that allows users to easily interchange platen components when materials or pail sizes are changed.

The Graco L20c Supply System, a lightweight elevator ram on a cart, is ideal for low-volume applications of low-viscosity materials that do not require extra pressure. Air controls raise the pump up, and gravity forces the platen down. The L20c is ideal for construction sites or any in-plant locations that require extra mobility.

The Graco S20 Supply System is designed for low-volume in-paint applications of medium to high-viscosity materials and may be used as a feed package in more complex systems. The Graco S20 includes air controls that provide air pressure to move the ram up or force the platen down. The Graco S20c Supply System offers the same features as the S20, but is mounted on a cart for additional mobility.

The Graco D60 Supply System provides more down-force to accommodate medium to high-viscosity materials in up to 60-liter (16-gallon) container sizes.

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