Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the May 12 survey.

Do you think the stock market is an accurate predictor of economic recovery?

Yes: 37.5%
No: 61.1%


“It wasn't an accurate predictor of the condition of the economy before. Why would it be now?”

“It's still as manipulated as ever.”

“Many companies are interlinked with other disorganized organizations and have to face the downfall that results in moving economic conditions.”

“(Stock market) numbers are based on what they expect will happen in 6 to 9 months. The increasing numbers of unemployed people will keep a true recovery from happening for at least another year.”

“Yes, to some extent. The stock market is driven by too many emotions and not facts. But, if the stock market improves, confidence improves and the economy improves.”

“A bunch of rich folk manipulating the peasants!”

“Banks and Wall Street cannot be trusted in any way shape or form. Their GREED has really caused all the problems.”

“The stock market is the single most important indicator, because it encompasses - directly or indirectly - all business sectors of the economy.”