Hexion Specialty Chemicals has launched Albecor-BioTM, a family of bio-based, low-temperature-cure powder coatings. The Albecor-Bio modified polyester technology, derived from renewable resources, results in powder coatings that are curable at low temperatures while still retaining durability and performance characteristics. The cost-effective coatings are suitable for use on a range of materials including metals and heat-sensitive substrates.

Albecor-Bio powder coatings demonstrate better appearance and improved properties when cured at low temperatures from 140°C up to 15'@150°C or 10'@160°C, and crosslinked with b-hydroxyalkylamide. Through the bio derivate, the system’s novel polyester structure enables high reactivity and physical properties such as flow, non-“blooming” finish and outdoor durability. The lower cure temperatures at application help preserve fossil fuel resources, increase energy efficiency and improve air quality through reduced CO2emissions.

In addition to low-temperature curing abilities, Albecor-Bio powder coatings exhibit water spot resistance and wettability for higher pigment loading.

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