Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc., Columbus, OH, has announced plans to indefinitely idle its BPA3 production unit, part of its manufacturing complex in Deer Park, TX. The unit produces BPA, or bisphenol-A, which is used as a raw material in producing epoxy resins, certain plastics and other products.

“Continued soft demand for BPA as a result of the general economic downturn makes this a necessary move that will further improve the economics of our Deer Park complex,” said Ian Harris, vice president, Base Resins. “We will continue to operate our newer BPA4 unit in Deer Park, as well as our BPA unit in Pernis, The Netherlands, ensuring a continued supply for our merchant customers and our internal requirements.”

Harris said Hexion is bringing its larger BPA4 unit on line after a complete maintenance turnaround. The unit has a rated annual production capacity of 310 million pounds. The BPA3 unit, which has a rated capacity of 190 million pounds, will be taken off line and idled once the BPA4 unit is operational.

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