Struktol Co. of America and Emerald Performance Materials LLC have announced a sales and distribution agreement for Emerald’s Good-Rite®line of antioxidant products for thermoplastics. Based on the agreement, Struktol becomes the primary sales distributor in the NAFTA region for the Emerald product line. The companies will also work together on new product development activities focusing on novel antioxidant chemistries and technologies.

“Emerald has a long history of manufacturing antioxidants for the plastics industry.  Its predecessor organization, B.F. Goodrich, originally developed and held patents for certain phenolic antioxidants, such as the ones in use in polyolefins, about 30 years ago,” said Pete Getzinger, commercial director for Emerald.  “Since that time, Emerald and its predecessor companies continued to produce these phenolic products under a long-term manufacturing agreement, which recently expired.  We felt that Struktol would be a good commercial partner for Emerald, as they manufacture complementary products to the industry, and have an energetic sales team in place.”

According to Mike Fulmer, product manager, Plastic Additives, Struktol, “The agreement between Struktol and Emerald will provide our customers with a great combination since Struktol thioester products are synergistic secondary antioxidants when used with Emerald phenolic AOs.  Together, we can provide our customers with the highest level of technical know-how, service and unique solution development.”

Struktol will be focused on expanding Emerald’s antioxidant penetration into the polyolefin market. The primary areas of application will be the thermoplastic compounding and masterbatch markets, however both companies will focus on product development for the overall thermoplastic processing industry.

“By working closely with Struktol, we can provide customers with a continued supply of superior products manufactured in the U.S. and develop innovative solutions that they would be unable to get from any other single company,” added Pete Getzinger, commercial director for Emerald.

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