P.T. Hutchins has announced the establishment of an agreement with Arch Chemicals Inc. for the distribution of both in-can biocide preservation and dry film protection products in the West, Northeast and Southeast regions of the U.S. and Western Canada. 

Trade names included in the agreement include ProxelTMpreservatives, Zinc OmadineTMantimicrobials, Sodium OmadineTMfungicides, Omacide IPBCTMfungicides,  DensilTMantimicrobials, TriadineTMantimicrobials, VantocilTMantimicrobials, ReputainTMantimicrobials and VanquishTMantimicrobials. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand our relationship with P.T. Hutchins, as they offer exceptional service, superior logistics and a sustainable business model that will support our expansive product suite,” said Tyler Corse, North American sales manager for Arch Chemicals Inc. “This alliance further strengthens Arch’s commitment to providing unmatched service to our customers.”

Eva O'Keefe, P.T. Hutchins sales manager and industry expert with over 15 years of biocides experience, has been appointed as product manager for this line. 

The addition of Arch Chemicals to the P.T. Hutchins supplier portfolio will be supported by five market-focused application laboratories.

For more information, visitwww.archbiocides.com.