New PatternJet Plus hot-melt dispensing applicators from Nordson Corp. enable customers to apply a variety of adhesive spray patterns faster, more accurately and with less material waste, increasing their productivity.  A flexible design and easy-to-change replacement components allow custom configuration for greater productivity.

Originally designed for roll-fed labeling applications that demand speed and clean adhesive patterns, PatternJet Plus applicators can be easily integrated into a range of high-speed packaging and general product assembly operations.  Integrated process-air heating and cycling using a dedicated valve provides exceptional cleanliness between patterns, increasing product aesthetics while reducing maintenance adhesive use and waste. An integrated applicator body and module with retract-on-close (snuff-back) actuators prevents adhesive stringing, even at high line speeds.

PatternJet Plus applicators are compatible with Nordson patented UniversalTMnozzles. The Universal design allows manufacturers to change adhesive patterns for different products and applications without changing the applicator or module.  Universal CF®, SummitTMand Signature®spray technologies deliver high-speed, intermittent adhesive dispensing in swirl, fiberized spray and consistently random patterns. Each of these spray processes provides excellent bonding while optimizing adhesive use, thus reducing material and total production costs.

A user-friendly, practical design features quick-change cord sets with an integrated heater and sensor.  Nozzles and filters are installed and replaced in minutes, simplifying product changeover and maintenance while minimizing downtime and improving operator safety.

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