This company has announced the release of the final member of its G Series flow meter lineup with the addition of the G240 flow meter. This largest member of the series extends the range of adhesive measurement flow rates from 10 cc/min through 240 L/min, with a +/- 0.3% of reading accuracy across a 200:1 flow range - a unique combination that was not previously available to users of gear-type meters.

With this latest addition, the G Series of flow meters has grown to five models that cover a range of fluid viscosities from under 5 cP up through 100,000 cP and beyond.

The G Series of flow meters include a newly developed version of Max Machinery’s high-resolution, linear transmitter. The compact Model 269 transmitter utilizes RoHS-compliant and CE-certified circuitry to deliver exceptionally high accuracy over the meter’s wide range of flow. Both pulse and analog output versions are available.

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