Loctite®5203TMis a new, easy-to-service anaerobic gasketing material from Henkel Corp. that reliably seals close-fitting flanges against the same temperatures, pressures and chemicals as traditional liquid gaskets, yet removes easily without machining or chemicals. Used to bond and seal flanges in a range of equipment including engines, pumps and compressors, traditional anaerobic gasketing materials can be removed only with solvents or manual abrasion techniques.  

Ideal for use on frequently serviced flanges, Loctite 5203 eliminates the maintenance steps associated with resurfacing the flange as a result of scraping, sanding or abrasion. This anaerobic gasketing material resists low pressures immediately after flange assembly, even before the sealant is fully cured.

Loctite 5203 fully cures in 15 minutes to six hours. This red liquid ranges in viscosity from 50,000 to 100,000 cP and fills gaps to 0.010-inch without a primer, or 0.020-inch with the application of a primer.  This gasketing material withstands operating temperatures from -65° to 300° F.

For more information, visitwww.henkelna.com/mronew.