Atlas®has announced the availability of three accessories for its new UVTestTMfluorescent/UV condensation instrument:
  1. UViewTM - An innovative data acquisition software for the UVTest, UView features remote-monitoring capabilities and automatic configuration to the user’s local area network. The application provides an overview of parameters to multiple UVTest instruments in a laboratory. Actual and set point data can be displayed in both tabular and graphical formats.
  2. Spray Recirculation System - A critical component of any weathering test is the ability to simulate the primary factors of weather. The effect of erosion due to rainfall is one of the components that should be considered. Fluorescent/UV devices with spray capabilities use approximately 7 liters/min. during a spray cycle. Common test cycles with spray may result in over 50 gal of DI water usage daily. This high volume impacts a laboratory's DI water reserves, and smaller laboratories may not have the means to provide this costly resource. The Atlas UVtest uses a DI Water Recirculation System to resolve this issue.

    The water recirculation system utilizes a 53 liter (14 gal) tank, pump, strainer and demineralizer filter cartridge. Designed to fit in the open storage area below the UVTest exposure cabinet, the recirculation system is controlled by the UVTest user interface.

    The DI tank is manually filled and maintained by the end user with pure DI water in accordance with the customer's required specifications. The control output is connected to the recirculation system pump. When the UVTest software calls for spray, the pump is engaged and the UVTest sprays are supplied with filtered water from the tank at the required pressure and flow rate. Run-off water from the UVTest pan then drains into the tank via the drain tube and flows through a demineralizer cartridge before re-use.
  3. Stackability - With laboratory space at a premium, stackability allows for increased capacity while maintaining the footprint of a single unit. Unlike similar fluorescent devices, Atlas stacked units can also be used in conjunction with a specimen spray option.
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