Seal Bond, Spring Lake, MI, has announced the appointment of Paul Dalley as chief chemist. Dalley is a polymer chemist with over 15 years of experience developing adhesives and sealants for automotive, furniture, appliance, and building construction applications. He has developed rubber-based hot melts, hot-melt polyurethane, rubber-based mastics, and epoxy products.

Prior to joining Seal Bond, Dalley worked for Chrysler Motors, Dow Automotive and Bostik. He is a graduate of Hope College and holds a graduate degree in polymer chemistry from the University of Detroit-Mercy. Dalley recently received a law degree from Marquette University Law School, and he is a licensed attorney and registered patent attorney.

Seal-Bond manufactures low-VOC, environmentally friendly adhesives, coatings and sealants used in a variety of applications in manufacturing and construction.

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