Blackmer®has announced the availability of ProVane®Motor Speed Vane Pumps for critical process and transfer applications found within the chemical industry. Because of the Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing feature designed in its ProVane, this Motor Speed Vane Pump reduces shaft/bearing contact and minimizes friction, resulting in higher mechanical efficiency and smart energy cost savings for chemical manufacturers and distributors.

The Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing - a fluid boundary-forming principal - eliminates shaft-to-bearing contact within the ProVane by hydroplaning above the bearing surface on a cushion of liquid. In this hydrodynamic condition there is no metal-to-metal contact or wear, and bearing life is indefinite. ProVane pumps are engineered to achieve fast hydrodynamic mode (full film operation - the point offering the lowest bearing friction and least wear) to preserve bearing life. It also maintains optimum bearing characteristics, even under a range of operating conditions within various chemical manufacturing and transfer applications.

The Blackmer ProVane pump does not require a gear reducer, so it offers a compact profile, upfront equipment, installation, and energy cost savings, as well as the smaller footprint of a complete pumping unit. The vane technology principles of the ProVane pump ensure superior performance even after significant in-service time, eliminating efficiency-robbing “slip” that may occur with other pump technologies. The ProVane pump delivers performance reliability, reduced preventative maintenance and operating speeds up to 3600 rpm with capacities from 6 to 100 gallons (379 liters) per minute, in sizes ranging from ¾" to 2".  Designed for continuous-duty process operations transferring low- and medium-viscosity liquids, it features self-priming, low shear and superior line stripping results through exceptional suction and lifting capabilities.

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