New tesa®Easy Open Tear Tapes are designed as embedded opening tools for small to mid-sized corrugated packages. These sturdy tapes are applied to the interior side of the package either during the board production or at an off-line station. Once applied, the parcel is packaged with a self-contained, clean “opening” tear strip, eliminating the need for additional opening tools such as knives, scissors and box cutters.

The new-and-improved line of tesa Easy Open Tear Tapes is as follows:
  • tesa 53488 – Performance Tear Tape – 3.4 mil thickness
  • tesa 53490 – High-Performance Tear Tape – 4.3 mil thickness
  • tesa 53494 – Superior Tear Tape – 5.2 mil thickness
Improvements to this product line include: 1) improved adhesive systems that provide better adhesion to all types of corrugated board; and 2) improved backing materials that eliminate tape shrinkage and lifting.

The tesa Easy Open Tear Tapes can offer more value to a corrugated packager when they are coupled with one of tesa’s custom in-line dispensing systems, which can house long-length rolls (spools) of tesa tear tapes, and become part of the automated production process.

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