FUJIFILM Dimatix has launched the latest addition to its Spectra brand of general-purpose, binary, drop-on-demand inkjet printheads. The Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA. joins a 15-picoliter model introduced earlier.

With a durable metal nozzle plate and using the binary operating capability of Dimatix’ VersaDropTM jetting technology, the printhead delivers adjustable ink drop sizes of 35-80 picoliters from 512 individually addressable inkjet nozzles. Remarkable jet straightness is achieved at continuous frequencies up to 30 kHz with an 8 m/sec. drop velocity.

The new printhead is equipped with a flexible fluid interface, allowing single- or two-color operation. As an AAA-designated printhead, the new Polaris now supports aqueous ink formulations in addition to UV-curable and aggressive organic solvents, making it suitable for a range of commercial and industrial printing applications.

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