VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. recently announced the development of an expanded kilo lab for the development and production of phosgene-based products on a proprietary basis. The company offers development and commercialization capabilities for phosgene derivatives on a laboratory and plant production scale.

The lab can produce specialty chemicals such as chloroformates, isocyanates, carbamoyl chlorides, ureas, acid chlorides, carbonates, polycarbonates, carbamates, carbazates, carbonyl chlorides, alkyl chlorides, N-blocked amino acids and N-carboxyanhydrides. Kilo lab services include new product synthesis, process development, lab-scale production and development of analytical methods. Process capabilities includesbatch synthesis, vacuum distillation and solids handling. Supporting analytical capabilities include liquid and gas chromatography, ultraviolet and infrared spectrophotometery, potentiometric titration, and an atomic absorption spectrometer.

For more information, phone (716) 433-6764 or (800) 836-8253.