NuSil Technology LLC has added MED-6655, a fluorosilicone dispersion, to its line of dispersions for healthcare applications. MED-6655 is a one-part, 100 mol% fluorosilicone adhesive/sealant dispersed in tert-butyl acetate.

The dispersion comprises 60% solids with a medium durometer. Because it is a room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) material, MED-6655 is ideal for spraying and dip-coating processes, as well as sealing and bonding applications.For applications in which a standard dimethyl system may be compromised and swell, MED-6655 can be used in its place to provide resilience to various solvents and alcohols. In addition, the dispersion has low gas and moisture permeability compared to a standard dimethyl system.

“MED-6655 can be used for a variety of applications because it has less of a tendency to swell when exposed to dimethyl silicone fluids or other solvent-based environments, including alcohols,” said Brian Reilly, product director ofHealthcare Materials for NuSil. “It also adheres well to a variety of substrates.”

The dispersion can be considered for long-term implant applications of 30 days or more, according to the company. A variation of MED-6655 is also available for external devices for short-term implant applications of 29 days or less. Master Access File and biological testing will be filed with the U.S. FDA.

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