A new 100 mol% fluorosilicone gel can be used to fill small gaps and backfill electronics in applications that require solvent and/or fuel resistance. FS-3502-1 is a two-part, white, fluorosilicone gel available in an easy-to-use 1:1 mix ratio. It reportedly bonds aggressively with most surfaces, and its cure can be heat-accelerated. FS-3502-1 is hydrocarbon-resistant for components exposed to aviation fuels, such as JP-8; chemicals; and solvents used in automotive, electronics, and aircraft applications.

With a low type ‘00’ durometer, FS-3502-1 reportedly exhibits low modulus and absorbs stresses incurred during thermal cycling. The gel has minimal tack and low moisture permeability. In addition, electronics applications can benefit from FS-3501-1’s non-corrosive properties and minimal contamination.

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