This company has added two new optically clear silicone gels, LS1-3443 and 8136, to its line of silicones for solid state lighting. The newest gels reportedly offer greater light output and optical clarity while also improving both impact- and heat-resistance. This enables LCD screen manufacturers to create next-generation displays that are sharper, brighter, and more rugged.

The gels range of reflective index (RI) values from 1.38 to 1.54. With a choice of RI values, engineers can reportedly match the optical index of their screen's cover glass with the silicone gel that backs it to eliminate display washout in bright light without the need to increase LED output. The gels also can provide soft and low modulus to absorb stress, reduce impact, and improve ruggedness in newer, thinner displays.

“LS1-3443 and Gel-8136 were developed because clients came to us looking for gel solutions that didn't currently exist,” said Bob Umland, director of marketing and sales for electronics and engineering. “When manufacturers are looking to develop truly breakthrough products, we have the track record, the highly specialized resources, and the willingness to help them do just that.”

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