R-2188 is a solvent-free, two-part, translucent silicone system. The material can be used as a compliant, high-strength adhesive and encapsulant in power electronics applications specifically requiring a highly insulative material.

The material is non-corrosive and features a low modulus that overcomes stress between materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE). Due to its high dielectric strength, it can reportedly withstand medium and high voltage; thermal and mechanical stress; and long, elevated operating temperatures.

“R-2188 has helped solve many of the packaging issues engineers are facing with the growing use of power electronics and the many designs currently on the market,” said Brian Nash, vice president of Sales and Marketing. “NuSil understands the need for long-term reliability and ease of processing to keep production costs low in the emerging energy markets, and we are proud to be a participant.”

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