This company’s Engineering and Electronics business unit debuted two new silicone products in San Francisco at Photonics West 2013, which took place February 2-7. The business unit has developed LS2-6140, an optically clear primerless encapsulant, and R-2175, a flowable, thermally stable potting compound, as part of its efforts to increase market specialization in the fast-paced industries it serves.

LS2-6140 is a low-viscosity, optically clear silicone encapsulant that can offer strong adhesion to ceramic and common plastics used for electronic components without the need for primer. The elastomer reportedly has a 45 Type A durometer and is optically stable with a refractive index (RI) of 1.40. It can be used in high-power and UV LED applications. Its low viscosity reportedly allows for processing by way of spin coating, dispensing, casting or compression molding.

R-2175 is a black, pourable silicone potting compound reportedly adept at providing support for electronics packages such as power supplies, sensors, and AC/DC, and DC/DC high-efficiency convertors. Its rheology can yield a conformal material that works with complex geometries, and its 0.4 W/mK thermal conductivity helps dissipate heat. R-2175 is available in a variety of packaging configurations.

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