The Liofol® UR2790-22/UR5026-21 Adhesive System allows converters to produce laminate films, then roll, slit, pouch and ship to food processors faster than current industry standard products. 

Developed for high-performance laminations exposed to pasteurization, boiling water, sterilization and retort conditions, the Liofol UR2790-22/UR5026-21 Adhesive System can also be used for general-purpose food packaging laminations, as well as health care, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications.

With an accent on speed, this product has been formulated to deliver multiple benefits to converters:

  • Enhanced manufacturing throughput based on faster slitting and faster cure without the need for a hot room;
  • Higher running/application solids relative to conventional retort systems;
  • Faster compliance for food safety;
  • Fast shipment, with full cure in half the time of standard retort-capable adhesives;
  • Lower internal costs due to reduced inventory, reduced space for a hot room and warehousing, and reduced energy costs;
  • Very high bond performance and heat seal strength on film/film as well as film/foil retort, with performance maintained before and after retort and during filling;
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance;
  • Excellent cured properties: optically clear, odor free, elastic.

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