This company’s model 775H heated valve enables the dispensing of heavy, stringy, temperature-sensitive or reactive materials. The dispensing valve, a pneumatically operated spool valve, is supplied with a temperature controller and thermocoupler, allowing for the material being dispensed to be heated to up to 350°F. When heated, the valve can be used alone or as part of a complete heated system, including heated hose and reservoir.  When used alone, the model 775H valve lowers the viscosity of the material at the point of dispense, but not throughout the entire system. This prolongs the useful life of heat-curable materials (epoxies) while still easing their dispensing.

The valve offers an adjustable and lockable suck-back control, as well as adjustable and lockable flow control, and it can be supplied with special nozzles or manifolds as required. The suck-back feature of the 775H spool dispensing valve greatly increases accuracy and repeatability when dispensing materials.

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