The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

This month’s issue brings a wealth of information on processing equipment, packaging and materials handling. “Applying Adhesives in the Vacuum-Infusion Process” examines how resin-based spray adhesives offer higher quality and reduced liability in vacuum-infusion processes. “Diversify or Conquer” explains how Diversified Chemical Technologies Inc. was able to increase efficiency by installing pumps in its many manufacturing facilities. Finally, learn about the benefits of automatic adhesive fill systems - including reduced labor and raw-material costs - in “Automatic Bulk Adhesive Feed System Provides Benefits to Manufacturers.” 

We atASIstrive to bring you the latest trends and developments in adhesives and sealants manufacturing. “Glue Fly Glue” details a University of Utah study that explains why the caddisfly's silk is sticky when wet and how that may make it valuable as an adhesive tape during surgery. Also, “Flying High” looks at how sealants, transparencies, and coatings used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet help to simplify maintenance and reduce costs for airlines while enhancing the flying experience for crews and passengers who travel aboard the world’s newest jetliner.

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In the February issue, the article “Chemical-Free Coating” inadvertently indicates that the Plasmadust process is free of chemicals, when the process is actually solvent-free and chemical-free.ASIregrets the oversight.