Dow Transportation Adhesives, a heritage Rohm and Haas business, has become part of Dow Automotive Systems’ global Adhesives business. Related capabilities include high-performance bonding and coating products for seals, gaskets, headliners, sunshades, weatherstripping, and a host of other components made of silicone, elastomers, and composite materials for automotive and other transportation industries.

“Dow Transportation Adhesives is a big player in a small but vital niche within the global transportation industry,” said Grant Fisher, general manager, Adhesives, Dow Automotive Systems. “Their product lines, fundamental chemistries and intimate customer relationships at the fabricating level are an excellent, complementary match for our broad base of elastomer and adhesives transportation products and technologies, as well as Dow’s global sales, service, manufacturing, and supply chain networks. Their addition to the Dow Automotive Systems family strengthens our businesses significantly.”

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