Three new adhesives from this company can reportedly provide environmental and cost benefits when bonding elastomeric materials to metal, engineering plastics or other elastomers. MEGUM™ 5386, THIXON™ P-21 and THIXON 526 bonding agents can be used in a variety of transportation and industrial applications, including belts, hoses, mounts, bushings, and seals.

MEGUM 5386 is a new high-performance cover coat adhesive suited for bonding soft and difficult-to-bond elastomers. Bonds using MEGUM 5386 are reportedly extremely resistant in high-temperature applications, boiling water, salt fog and various hydraulic fluids. The adhesive can offer resistance to glycol and has a higher reactivity at lower dry film thickness, so customers can use less product than competitive materials to achieve comparable performance, which also reduces volatile organic compounds.

THIXON P-21 and THIXON 526 are next-generation primer and cover coat systems that reportedly provide outstanding performance at competitive cost with a REACH-compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) octyl-phenol-free primer formula. The primer and cover products can be used together or separately.

THIXON P-21 primer can enable primer standardization and consolidation, and meets key industry performance requirements. It offers low viscosity and needs less solvent for spraying. THIXON 526 cover coat offers well-balanced performance and reportedly enables cover standardization and consolidation with good boiling water, heat and pre-bake resistance.

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