Zepol Corp. has released a report detailing recent import trends for the carboxylic acid segment of the chemical industry in the U.S. market. The report provides detailed information on chemical imports in late 2009 and the first part of 2010, and sheds light on potential future developments.

Key findings in the report include:
  • The value of U.S. lactic acid imports value from June 2009 to May 2010 dropped 37.8% from the previous year.
  • With $241,695,049 imported between June 2009 and May 2010, the Port of New York, N.Y., received the most carboxylic acid import shipments for the period.
  • China is the top exporter of carboxylic acids, with $105,901,873 exported between June 2009 and May 2010.

The report breaks down import information for each HTS code within the carboxylic acid category. In addition, it lists the top exporting countries to the U.S., the U.S.’s top receiving ports, and details the key shippers and consignees in the U.S. chemical industry.

For more information or to access the report, visitwww.zepol.com.