Research and Markets has announced the release of a new report, “China Engineering Adhesive Industry Report, 2009-2010.” In 2009, the sales volume and value of engineering adhesives in China totaled 748 kilotons (a 19% share in total sales volume of adhesives) and RMB 18.8 billion (~ $2 trillion ), accounting for 37% of the total adhesive sale, respectively. The industrial sales growth rate of engineering adhesives during the recent two years approximated 20%, more than doubling the growth rate of GDP, and the growth momentum of the engineering adhesive industry will continue in the future along with the rapid development of downstream sectors.

The sales volume of polyurethane adhesives (including part of the solvent adhesives) reached 394 kilotons in 2009 (52.7%), with high-performance silicone adhesives at 226 kilotons (30.2%); other adhesives (including epoxy resin adhesives, acrylate adhesives, etc.) amounted to 128 kilotons at 17.1%.

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