Viavi Solutions recently announced the release of “Color Trends 2017: Pathways.” The annual report reportedly features a trend palette of “colors to watch” for automotive and original equipment manufacturers. The color report draws inspiration from the tension between technology and tradition.

  • Aurora. Inspired by the mysterious Aurora Borealis and the endless possibilities in space, this family focuses on mobility. Ride sharing offers new transportation options on earth, recreational space travel is on the horizon, and virtual reality headsets enable experiences that are not otherwise available; colors include: Nebula, Galactic, Soaring, Star Fire, Abyss and Titania.
  • Man_Machine. Coined the 4th Industrial Revolution, robots are increasingly more capable of performing human tasks and will find applications in manufacturing efficiency and domestic convenience. As artificial intelligence allows greater intimacy with our devices, social norms will be challenged to accommodate these new relationships. Colors are subdued, not wanting to draw attention while introspectively moody tones evince a deeply mechanized feel; colors include: Carbon, Camo, Brass, Cyber, Forged and Scan.
  • Global Citizen. Recent political and economic conditions threaten to slow the pace of globalization. However, greater mobility, both physical and virtual, allows people to build communities based on common interest. These communities can be as self-identifying as our traditional demographic and give rise to an increased sense of humanity. These fresh, optimistic, lively colors take global cues from multi-cultural immersion, embracing the mosaic of interconnectedness; colors include: Charity, Courage, Harmony, Stability, Strength and Verdant.
  • Artisanal. Amidst the instant gratification provided by a growing list of on-demand products and services, there is an increasing interest in hand crafts ranging from fabrics to furniture to foods. These tried-and-true methods keep us grounded in tradition and culture. Rich, timeless and deeply saturated these colors evoke a sense of heritage, authenticity and nostalgia with a modern twist; colors include: Cherry Pie, Denim, Handcrafted, Harvest, Organic and Straw.

“We are excited to offer the market a new array of trending color options suitable for automotive and other OEM applications,” says John Book, product line manager, Custom Color Solutions. “There are a number of social issues beginning to surface that will influence consumer products design over the next several years. Pathways distills the trends into four key themes and associated colors present within a modern society.”

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