The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) recently announced the approval of nine new companies for membership, bringing the total number of new members this year to 20. The companies–located in the U.S., India and Switzerland–were approved by SOCMA’s Board of Governors.

“These companies represent the increasingly diverse composition of SOCMA’s membership,” said Larry Brotherton, Ph.D., Board of Governors chairman. “We’re pleased that our growing offering of products, services, and programs to our members is speaking to the needs of the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry and helping companies to make the decision to join SOCMA.”

The new members include:
  • Amyris Inc, a developer of renewable alternatives to consumer products and industrial applications currently dependent on petrochemicals.
  • Boron Specialties LLC., a company providing services in process development and scale-up; environmental, health, and safety; regulatory; sourcing; and commercial development related to all aspects of boron chemistry.
  • Charter Brokerage LLC, a provider of customs and consulting services focusing on the chemical and petroleum sectors.
  • Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis, a fine chemical company specializing in hazardous, safety-critical chemical reactions focused on the exclusive synthesis of fine chemicals.
  • Global Process Management, a leading supply chain partner to the biopharm industry.
  • Parchem Fine and Specialty Chemicals
  • Securitas Security Services USA, a locally focused security company in the U.S.
  • Terrabon Inc, a company working to bring innovative and cost-effective technologies for biomass conversion and water desalination.

Visitwww.socma.comfor additional details.