The Silicone Elastomer Handbook, A Guide to Applied Silicone Elastomer Technologyby David M. Brassard, founder and technical director of Silicone Solutions, has been published. Based on the short course Brassard teaches at the University of Akron, College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, the book explores up-to-date aspects of silicone technology, as well as case histories to reinforce the principles being relayed and display real-world problem solving.

In addition, the book can serve as a troubleshooting guide to silicone and rubber firms around the world. The handbook can also help companies explore the possibilities of entering the silicone market, including formulations, raw materials, and current suppliers, as well as necessary equipment. This book is the first to be printed on the topic of silicone in over 30 years, and it provides an overview of the complex world of silicone technology.

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