3M recently announced it has increased its global manufacturing capacity of optically clear adhesives (OCAs) at multiple locations throughout Asia in Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore. The increased capacity supports the growth of consumer electronics devices, including smart phones, tablets, touch displays and e-readers.

3M OCAs are used in today’s consumer mobile devices for enhancing the user’s view, aesthetics and appearance of the device, as well as for touch sensor bonding. OCAs are a highly specialized adhesive-based product that offers excellent adhesion and clarity by eliminating yellowing that can occur to various types of transparent substrates. It also enables the high-speed lamination required for mass production in the electronics industry.

“3M recognizes the ongoing market trend of explosive growth and exceptional demand for consumer electronics devices,” said Tony DeRose, business unit manager. “Investing in our manufacturing capacity enables us to stay ahead of demand and continue to serve our customers most effectively. As a result, 3M is well-positioned to meet such customer demands while maintaining the exceptional quality for which 3M OCAs are recognized by our customers and their supply chain partners.”

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