HumiSeal® has announced the introduction of a complete line of liquid, optically clear adhesives (LOCA), which provide enhanced optical properties and improved durability of optical devices and displays. The company reports that these products are specifically formulated for those industries that require rigorous performance standards, such as wireless communications, automotive displays, medical devices, and aerospace and avionic controls, among others.

HumiSeal Vivid Cure UV6041 and UV7041 were reportedly designed and rigorously tested to the latest industry standards. Properties include ultra-low shrinkage, superior and variable light transmission properties, resistance to discoloration, and resistance to both thermal and mechanical damage.

HumiSeal Vivid Cure LOCA products are cured to final properties using safe and efficient UVA or visible light. As a result, these products are 100% VOC free, with limited concerns regarding environmental or industrial hygiene impacts. They have been designed for high-volume production environments, with very short cycle times combined with limited energy demands. The Vivid Cure product line also includes ancillary products such as edge sealants, along with the assurance that all Vivid Cure products are compliant with REACH, ROHS, and GB33372-2020 standards.

Keith Waryold, vice president – Adhesives Sealants and Additives, said, “We are pleased to be able to offer the optical display industry access to our expanding line of technically enabling assembly adhesives. Our highly collaborative HumiSeal polymer scientists, engineers, and application specialists stand prepared to discuss the details of your specific needs to help provide solutions to your most demanding of challenges.”

For additional information, visit https://humiseal/loca.