As touch panel interfaces become the norm on mobile devices, laptops and tablets, Loctite® liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA) from this company can reportedly help improve the viewing experience, increase display durability, extend product life, reduce power consumption, and enable thinner device designs. New dual-cure technologies can allow full cure in shadowed areas, and offer reduced shrinkage to control display distortion and eliminate mura.

When used on AR glass, the LOCA products can increase the contrast ratio in sunlight by 400% and minimize the refractive index mismatch to glass and PMMA, minimizing light loss due to reflection. The seven products in the LOCA line include two dual-cure adhesives designed to cure in shadowed areas where light cannot reach. Loctite 5192™ is a high-temperature-resistant, non-yellowing UV/moisture cure silicone that reportedly shrinks very little and contributes minimal stress to the surface of the LCD, reducing mura defects. Loctite 3192™ is a general-purpose UV/heat cure acrylic with a refractive index that can deliver excellent brightness, clarity and color.

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