Technomelt® SupraCOOL adhesive is an advanced technology combining the benefits of Technomelt Supra™ and Technomelt COOLTM adhesives.

“Technomelt adhesives have earned a reputation for quality, reliability and sustainability,” said Jim Sipe, Business director, Consumer Packaging, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Henkel North America. “Technomelt Supra is known for an excellent operating window and robust bond strength, with even higher thermal stability and a greater adhesion range than alternatives. Packagers benefit from increased mileage, clean production, high-quality bonds and reduced maintenance.”

According to Sipe, the new adhesive provides the “best of both” technologies. .“It delivers even higher bond strength and wider application range than traditional low temperature technologies while reducing energy consumption, increasing the safety of the end of line operation, and creating an opportunity to improve mileage over either technology,” he said.

Specific features of Technomelt SupraCOOL include lower application temperature of 250-275ºF, for reduced energy consumption, less equipment wear, and increased worker safety; lower application weights-at least 20% less than with conventional hot melts; and excellent heat stability, which eliminates gel and char, reduces maintenance and down time, and promotes uninterrupted production.

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