The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) has named Patrick Deconinck as its new president. Deconinck was elected during PSTC’s annual fall meeting in Fijardo, Puerto Rico.

Deconinck is vice president and general manager of the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division for 3M, and has served on the PSTC Board of Directors since 2006. In addition, he helped champion PSTC’s marketing mission to help “Grow the PSA Tape Industry.”

“I would like to congratulate Steve Lennon and his successful PSTC presidency during these past three years,” Deconinck said during his acceptance speech. “Mr. Lennon’s PSTC leadership was inspiring during difficult economic times. I’m happy to report that PSTC is finishing 2010 with one of its strongest financial positions in the organization’s history. My goal is to continue to help PSTC gain deeper awareness in the industry, communicate the capabilities of pressure-sensitive tapes to professional and market organizations and to promote its ‘Responsible Tape Manufacturing Program’ while helping to cultivate its financial strength.”

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