The Performance Monomers business of The Dow Chemical Co. recently announced that capacity for the production of crude acrylic acid (CAA) at its Böhlen, Germany, facility has expanded by 25%. The increase is a result of several debottlenecking and reliability initiatives that address Dow’s need to increase CAA capacity. The additional CAA at Böhlen will be used to increase butyl acrylate (BA) and glacial acrylic acid (GAA) production at the site.

“The crude acrylic acid capacity increase is an important milestone for Dow,” said Bob Summerhayes, director, Global Supply Chain, Performance Monomers. “We are excited to continue investing in our European production footprint and about the opportunities generated by Dow’s European customer base. Overall, this is a valuable addition that reinforces Dow’s commitment to growth for the region and further adds to our global footprint.”

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