New and improved features have been added to this company’s VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer. The photo shows a 100-gal VersaMix equipped with a three-wing anchor agitator, high-speed disperser, rotor/stator mixer designed for sub-surface powder induction, feed ports with pneumatically actuated ball valves, jacketed mix vessel, level sensor, vacuum/pressure transmitter, clean-in-place rotary spray nozzles, a magnetic iron trap on the discharge piping, and a transfer pump assembly that can measure viscosity and density to verify that the batch is complete and within spec. The explosion-proof system includes PLC controls.

The mixer is offered in sizes ranging from 1-4,000 gal capacity. Units are available for mixing trials at the Ross Test & Development Center. Trial/rental units are also available.

For additional details, phone (800) 243-ROSS.