When Fisnar began operating in 1986, it was with a long-term view that the use of fluids in industry would steadily increase well into the next millennium. This recognition has proven insightful, as fluids for many different processes are now used in every industry-and all require dispensing solutions.

Dispensing Solutions

Fastest growing among industrial dispensing opportunities are medical, automotive, electronics and renewable energy sectors; automatic dispensing and assembly have replaced traditional manual methods in these markets.

Robotic automation features high on the list of dispensing solutions offered by Fisnar. A large selection of bench, gantry and SCARA robots is available, each equipped with simple-to-program dispensing language software and instructions.

The most effective method of proving a dispensing solution is to offer a free trial to the prospective customer. A finished narrated video, showing the programming of the recommended equipment and material feed, is returned with the finished product sample.

Recognizing the importance of being a global company, Fisnar established offices throughout the world, servicing a network of global distribution companies. The company is now an international brand leader with several manufacturing facilities.

Expanding in Europe and Asia

Fisnar marked its 25th anniversary this year and will celebrate by meeting the challenges of a global business with the opening of new offices in Europe and Asia. This expansion will provide improved service to the distribution and customer network, with improved inventory logistics for a dramatically growing market.

Consistent global growth requires an investment in personnel. From Fisnar’s modest beginnings in Fairlawn, NJ, there is now a new headquarters in Wayne, NJ, as well as increased personnel resources throughout the world, integrating and reinforcing the original vision of being a global enterprise. The headquarters is the technology hub of the global business, servicing its other member companies with new products and automated solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Fisnar became a part of the Ellsworth Adhesives family of companies in 2008. Ellsworth Adhesives is a global supplier of specialty chemical and value-added services, such as liquid dispensing and custom packaging and formulating. The challenge is to continuously research and launch new products to address tomorrow’s dispensing requirements while ensuring consistent, exemplary service today.

Customer service, market appreciation, product performance and environmental awareness keep Fisnar at the forefront of dispensing technology, and its committed personnel keep the company running smoothly. The company firmly believes that the difference between a problem and an opportunity is attitude; the attitude at Fisnar is to always support the customer and to encourage a “can-do” culture throughout the organization, resulting in the best possible solution for the customer.

For more information, visit www.fisnar.com.