An expansive line of de-paint and paint masking applications is available for the aerospace industry.

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) manufactures a broad range of tape and film-based products designed for industrial applications across a variety of market segments. The company’s goal is to provide a total solution comprising products that are developed specifically for market-based applications, especially in the aerospace, appliance, marine and transportation markets.

Product development for transportation addresses new paint systems.


Innovation has driven economic growth since the Industrial Revolution. IPG’s focus on solutions for the needs of each market segment is driven by experience and knowledge in a range of market-specific applications and products. The company’s team spends considerable time and effort identifying customer-centric solutions through a robust R&D approach to innovation.

The team’s ability to meet customers’ needs by producing first-to-market product solutions and enhancing existing products creates a partnership that allows customers to improve their processes and productivity. Through innovation and the development of partnerships with market leaders, IPG is able to provide specialized solutions to a variety of market segments.

The comopany is focused on developing a new generation of tapes that provide long-awaited solutions for appliance manufacturers.


IPG has remained a leader in the industry by creating a specialty sales team with a fundamental understanding of each market’s needs. The company uses a large and ever-growing network of partnerships within each market it services, taking the time to understand and develop a solution for each customer’s unique need.

IPG’s customers receive a significant benefit through the sales and marketing staff’s ability to deliver a high level of support. In addition, the North American-based team works together to develop and manufacture the majority of the company’s tapes in the U.S. IPG’s breadth of knowledge stems from over 30 years of industry-specific research that has resulted in quality solutions that meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Market Solutions

IPG is focused on meeting industry challenges with product solutions for a variety of applications. The company has developed an expansive line of de-paint and paint masking applications that have allowed it to become a single-source supplier for the aerospace industry. IPG American Brand® high-temperature premium paper masking tape reduces the need for a fineline tape. In addition, OEMs have found that the fine structure paper backing offers the strength and conformability needed for the many contours found in aerospace industry painting applications. The high-performance tape is able to maintain an excellent paint line with the most advanced high solids and chrome-free coating systems.

IPG’s products are compatible and proven to perform with a variety of the advanced coatings available in the transportation industry. As one of the leading suppliers with over 50 years of manufacturing experience in the area of performance pressure-sensitive tapes for masking and surface protection, the company continues to launch new products to address new paint systems, such as waterborne paints used in the automotive repair industry.

In addition, IPG’s military spec- and OEM-approved Intertape brand ALF300 3.0 mil premium aluminum foil tape offers superior performance when used for solvent masking, high-speed holding, and dampening applications. The product line also extends to the wind blade manufacturing industry; IPG was the first to develop a masking tape designed to address the challenges of this production environment.

IPG has also created a line of tapes designed specifically for appliance manufacturers. While IPG continues to be a key supplier to the appliance industry, the company is focused on developing a new generation of tapes that provide long-awaited solutions. Working with customers and listening to their needs are crucial to the company’s success.

IPG’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations is delivered through its innovation and customer-centric approach to industry solutions. The company’s experience and desire to meet market challenges head-on by developing quality products for focus market segments sets it ahead of the curve as an industry leader.

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